What is Syncytium: Reset?

It will be our home, theme camp, and family for a weekend at Lucky Lake and a week in the Nevada desert! 

This year, our camp will be holding a Rite of Passage where Existential Liquidators give customers the opportunity to witness their own funeral and travel through a cathartic experience into the mysteries beyond...

We will also be hosting a 24-hr accessible sound chamber with a large gong and beautiful propane tank drums inside.


  • What's left for you to do??
    hi Syncytium! We've got less than a month until we all go to... That Thing In The Desert.
    There are a few things left to do that would be SUUUPER helpful, so please look through the checklist below! Also check out the calendar.

    1) pay camp dues
    $175 by Tues 8/2, and then it'll go up $15 every week, so please don't delay! Cash, check, or paypal amanda.sari.perez@gmail.com..
    **If your friends are camping with us and they are less up-to-date than you, please let them know. <3

    Beaker is organizing our camp layout, setup, and tear down, so please add your vehicles, and any tools or structures you can share. 

    3) Help with an open domain
    Sign up for one that is still "open," like picking up the white billboards for the monkeyhut! If you need help, you'll get help.

    4) Speaking of domains... set a date?
    Thanks so much to everyone currently working on stuff listed on that sheet. Announce if you need help, and/or let me know if you want to set a build date for people to come help you, or a deadline for when you'll be done.

    5) sign up for kitchen or clean up, submit recipes
    We have a few more open spaces in pink. If you signed up, submit your recipes, too. Ask Stacey if you have any questions.

    There is a column on the contact sheet for this, it's almost filled up!

    7) Performance
    The script is done, we'll announce how to participate if you haven't had the chance to practice. Check the calendar for when we get together.

    8) Leave no Trace
    Check out the guidelines for how to not leave trash on the playa. This is a very important part of having a good time at Burning Man but not trashing the place. Carol is in charge of Leave No Trace, so you might have to sign up later to take trash out.

    9) Rent space on the trailer for personal gear
    Just shoot me an email.

    Last but not least.... breathe and relax... we're almost there. :)

    Posted Jul 31, 2011, 5:03 PM by Amanda Perez
  • Crunch Time!!!!!
    Hello my beautiful people!!! 4661843 seconds until the Man burns! 
    Now thats over with.....
    We have added two new spread sheets :
    •     cost analysis- camp dues and logistics 
    •      website sheet-super cool websites that are useful and fun!
    Reminder, find a partner dosey -do....fill out the kitchen patrol (KP) duty sheet for one meal and two clean up shifts by Friday. Also fill out what you will bring in your vehicle by Friday too.

    FUN!!!FUN!!!FUN!!!! We are having a "secret" meeting on Friday July 15 at an unknown dimension passed the hydra-zeta quadrant.  

     Until Friday, DON'T PANIC we will be together once again.

    DUCT TAPE will save us!!!

    Posted Jul 11, 2011, 10:25 PM by Theresa Carranza
  • Gong bath

    Posted Jun 15, 2011, 7:15 AM by Amanda Perez
  • more roar for your shack

    Rorschach, backdrop for Jungian psych's office. Book case painted on smaller canvas to hang in front.

    Posted Jun 10, 2011, 2:33 PM by Amanda Perez
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Syncytium (pronounced "sin-city-um") is named after a large biological structure where individual cells fuse their boundaries into one large cell with many nuclei. 

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